This is a competitive fundraiser where YOU rally your community--friends, family, acquaintances, coworkers--to bring a strong start to the summer for Street Roots.

How does it work?

  1. Create a Team! This takes five minutes, and you can be a team of ONE or ONE HUNDRED. Click Create Team to get started. You'll want a snappy team name, team logo or picture, names of team members, and a fundraising goal.
  2. Once you have created your team, you'll have your own team home page! Find your team by going to the Teams page. Copy your team's url (or "link") and send this to anyone you want to donate to your team.
  3. Each time someone donates to your team, it'll count toward Street Roots' Summer Rally goal. Overall progress is shown on the thermometer on this home page, and your team progress is shown on the thermometer on your team homepage. Watch your team homepage to see your thermometer go up as you get closer to your goal!
  4. Show up at the Street Roots Summer Rally Barbecue on Sunday, June 24 at Irving Park (NE 7th and Fremont) to celebrate with us!
  5. Have fun.

Explanation/How to:
Street Roots will be presenting a fundraiser named Summer Rally late May through June where individuals become team captains and create their own teams online. (Takes 5 minutes to set up). Each team captain is then responsible for helping raise money for Street Roots — competing with other teams online.

Team captains and other members of the team can raise money by encouraging co-workers, friends, family, etc. to support their team by sharing their team url through social media and e-mail — encouraging people to give.

We’re hoping to get some great competing individuals and interests competing to support the organization.

The event will last from Friday, May 25 to Sunday, June 24, cumulating in a celebration BBQ at Irving Park.

All first place prizes will include a photo in SR giving thanks. Team winners will also receive a quarter page ad in Street Roots from a business or non-profit of your choice.

— Most team donations raised
— Biggest individual donation
— Most donation per capita
— Most original team
— Most spirited team

* Street Roots staff, volunteers and vendors will judge for the most original and most spirited team.

All donations go to support the following:

Our Vendor Program has more than 70 active vendors that sell Street Roots in the Portland metropolitan area. More than 350 vendors sell the newspaper during the course of a year. Collectively, more than 20,000 newspapers are sold each month.

Our Newspaper delivers in-depth news and commentary on social and economic justice issues important to the entire community. Street Roots is a platform for people on the streets to have a voice in the political and social dialogue, bridging cultural and class divides with a greater understanding on social matters that affect us all.

Our Resource Guide is a 4'x 4', 104-page guide and is the most comprehensive, updated list of services for people experiencing homelessness and poverty in Multnomah and Washington counties. More than 100,000 guides are published annually by Street Roots and distributed to more than 200 organizations and institutions working with people experiencing homelessness and poverty in the Portland region.

Our Advocacy efforts are related to homelessness and housing in Portland and throughout the state of Oregon and around the United States.

How will your money be spent:

— $1,400 will pay for one issue of Street Roots
— $1,000 will pay for vendor services for one month
— $500 will pay for 1,000 copies of the Rose City Resource Guide
— $175 will pay for one in-depth news story for Street Roots
— $50 will pay for coffee supplies for vendors for one month
— $25 will pay for vendors to have fresh water for one month
— $10 will pay for writing supplies for one vendor for one month

QUESTIONS? Contact israel@streetroots.org